A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Cats With Stats tech demo / proof of concept by Mimic Quest

Use Up/Down or W/S to select Up and Down
Hit Space or Mouse1 to Confirm
Hit Backspace or Mouse2 to Cancel

Goal: Survive as long as you can! Win by defeating all enemies. 

If all your cats' HP is reduced to zero, you lose!

When the green bar under the cat's names fills they may act, indicated by the pointer to the right of their name.
To act: press confirm.


Attack: Attacks an enemy.
Defend: Boosts defense temporarily.
Skill: Offers a skill selection. See details below.
Spell: Not available (yet.)
Item: Restores HP and KO status.

Skills: - Burglars can "Steal" from a target. Has no real effect (yet!)
- Brawlers have an accurate magical attack "South Paw" which you may target.
- Chieftains have a "Yowl" that lowers all enemies' attack strength.
- Fisherman fish. The size of the fish  determines the strength of the HP heal. The target is selected before the fish is caught.
- Kingpins draw cards. The better the card, the bigger the heal! Its target is also selected before the draw.
- Ronin cast "Shadow" which temporarily boost their evasion. This action must be confirmed by targeting the Ronin.

The music in the game isn't looping properly just yet. If it bothers you there's an option to turn off the music at the title screen, as well as the SFX.

Fixed some bugs and graphical issues in the demo on 7/11/2019

For other questions or concerns - or if you'd like to join my discord for updates - contact me on discord: Mimic#2731


Cats With Macs.app.zip 52 MB
Cats With Stats x64.zip 36 MB
Cats With Stats x86.zip 33 MB


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It has cats, and the cats have stats!

The new classes are neat, and the new sprites are cool!

I do kinda miss the old super-chibi sprites though, they were really cute in their own way. Any chance for a separate class that looks like the old ones? Like a kitten class or something.

What happened to Flight of the Bumblebee? It used to be in the soundtrack but I didn't come across it while playing it.

Also the game softlocked when I tried to steal at one point, so everyone just stood there with the word "STEAL" on the screen and I couldn't do anything.

Thank you for playing!

I was convinced to make the sprites larger, from 32x32 to 64x64. I was planning on using them still, as a status effect and in towns.

I replaced a handful of songs, mostly placeholders for now. 

There's several bugs in the combat system which are fixed. I'm waiting to update the game until I have many of the show-stoppers fixed. Probably before Friday.